Monday, December 19, 2005

Bluescreen of Death

I couldn't post for the last one month as hard disk in my inspiron 9300 crashed. Apparently, I was playing Doom III before I boarded the flight from Baltimore. I closed the lid of the laptop thinking it will goto sleep mode, but I found out after reaching home that it didn't. Too late by then as my system is heated up considerably and I couldn't boot up anymore. Windows XP boot screen comes and after that bam, the blue screen. So I called the Dell support, and after putting me on hold for two hours one techinician picks up and says he couldn't do much but to order a new hard drive. So all my stuff is gone. I got the new drive and reinstalled everything again and I'm back to normal, except that I lost everything from the old drive.

So, my new year resolution is gong to be "back up, back up often!"


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